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Hot Toys Zombie Hunter Spider-Man

Here’s a look at the upcoming Hot Toys Zombie Spider-Man one sixth scale figure from Hot Toys and based on an upcoming episode of Marvel’s What If…? coming August 11.

Hot Toys Zombie Hunter spider-man

This figure is based on Spider-Man’s upcoming appearance in Marvel’s What If…? Series coming to Disney+ starting August 11. This will most likely be the Marvel Zombies episode which had already revealed the Zombie Avengers in various trailers and clips.

Hot Toys Zombie Hunter spider-man

And as you can see this is the Homecoming suit which Tom Holland’s Peter Parker got from Tony Stark during Captain America: Civil War and well into Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Hot Toys Zombie Hunter spider-man

And they added in the Doctor Strange sentient cape aka the cloak of levitation to make Spidey look more mystical and more legit especially with the term he was using in this reality called “Zombie Hunter”. Also makes you wonder what happened to this reality’s Stephen Strange and how the hell did the cloak of levitation end up with Spidey?

hot toys zombie hunter spider-man

The figure comes with the cloak, a bunch of alternate hands and three alternate heads and a nice stand for the figure.

Check out the trailer for What If…? below

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