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Gatchaman Funko Pops Announced! Now on pre-order

It was only a matter of time before we got to see a Funko Pop version of the classic science ninja team Gatchaman aka G-Force aka Battle of the Planets and now its finally been announced! Here’s our first look at the upcoming Gatchaman Funko Pop figures!

Three of the five members of the science ninja team Gatchaman are coming to stores this October 2021 and is currently on pre-order from various stores for $10.99 each. Check out the packaged look for Ken, Joe and Jun below.


Take note also that they took the art from Alex Ross’ cover of Battle of the Planets and used that for this Gatchaman Pop figure of Ken the Eagle aka the leader of the team.


Honestly would have done even better if they did a pose with her signature weapon.


I seriously get triggered seeing Joe especially after seeing what happened to him by the end of the series. I seriously need to raise the question as to why all the “Condor” guys need to end up dead especially in bird related sci-fi series and superhero series. Remember what happen to Black Condor from Jetman?

Pre-order these Gatchaman figures now!

Also let me leave this classic opening for G-Force because this is really the most memorable opening for me.

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