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Funko Set to Release the Cloud City Duel Movie Moments Funko Pop

If you ask any Star Wars fan what the most iconic scene from ALL of the trilogies is, they would all have to answer the classic Battle of Bespin moment from Empire Strikes Back which pits Luke Skywalker against his estranged father Darth Vader. And now it looks like Funko is finally immortalizing that scene with the release of the Cloud City Duel movie moments Star Wars Funko Pop.

cloud city duel star wars funko pop

The Star Wars Funko Pop Cloud City Duel movie moments pop figure is currently available in the UK and priced at £29.99. No word yet if this has reached our stores but I’m pretty sure our partner and friends from Big Boys Toy Store will be bringing this movie moment pop figure sooner or later.

And if you’re new to the Star Wars fandom, this is an epic moment for a number of reason. This is the first time that Luke Skywalker faces Darth Vader and the youngster is cocky and arrogant to think that he can take on the Sith lord even after barely getting enough training from Yoda in the planet Dagobah. He recklessly flies off to the Cloud City of Bespin where Vader has captured most of Luke’s friends.

The duel is short and sweet and plays as the climax to the film; it also ends the film in a bittersweet way, that cinema has never been the same afterwards.


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