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Sentinel Funko Jumbo Pop with Wolverine mini figure is a must have for X-Men fans

Funko has revealed another new pre-order product which is the Sentinel Funko Jumbo Pop figure which also features a Wolverine mini figure!


More photos down below.

As you can see this X-Men product is a Previews Exclusive and is based on one of the many versions of the mutant hunting machines. And the cutest part is that it also has a small Wolverine figure that comes along with it, partly to show the scale of the figure. And there’s also a chase figure for this one.

The chase figure would be a Black Light variant.

And here’s a look at the back part of the packaging.


According to different sites, the Sentinel Funko Jumbo Pop is currently on pre-order and priced at $45.99 and will be available in stores starting February 2023!

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