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The Infinity Stones return in series called Infinite Destinies with Black Cat getting pushed as important character

Marvel recently revealed the roap map for their new story called Infinite Destinies which is set to bring back the Infinity Stones and set up former Spider-Man frenemy Black Cat as a proper A-lister in the Marvel crowd.

And take note, this isn’t the main event but rather the opening act for the story because that would happen in Infinity Score which still puts Black Cat in front and center of the action.

Here’s the checklist of issues you need to check to read to get the full story for Infinite Destinies…

Honestly, I’m a little miffed whenever Marvel does things like this. Infinity Wars was god-awful and its not even five years since the ending killed off Drax the Destroyer and yet he’s part of the revamped Guardians of the Galaxy together with Doctor Doom.

“Destinies” would be a series of annuals with a two issues of Black Cat where new and obscure characters will interact with classic characters like Captain America, The Avengers, Iron Man, Miles Morales, Thor and Amazing Spider-Man.

So I’m also guessing that the this would open up bigger things and *sarcastic gasp* bring back Thanos once more. Maybe this will tie in to that dream that Thor saw in the recent issue of Thor by Donny Cates with Thanos leading an army of Marvel Zombies…

What do you guys think? Should we invest time and money again with another “Infinity” storyline or should we focus elsewhere? DC Comics sure wants to experiment with other things rather than do another Crisis as seen with all the recent news for the Infinite Frontier stuff they’ve been dishing out the past few days.

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