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More Signs pointing to Chris Evans being the new Smart Communications endorser

Another video was released by PR agency PublicityAsia which ties in neatly into the rumored “Avenger” becoming the new Smart endorser. And it definitely looks like its going to the Hollywood hunk Chris Evans aka Captain America.

Yesterday it was a bunch of scenes and our mystery man with some inspiring words. Today’s video featuring our still unknown mystery man riding through the open road, stopping into an Avengers looking door and then everything going to white.

Now let me first shoot down rumors this is another Korean superstar. Nope, this is definitely AN AVENGER. Not a background character or a B-list character but one of the three (or that’s what I’m told by my source).

So who could this be? Both RDJ and Evans can still ride motorcycles and even if they don’t (because they have stunt guys to that for them) they can still pass it off.

Vote here who you think its going to be – https://fast-poll.com/poll/06537484

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