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The Boys writer Eric Kripke teases Herogasm for next season of The Boys

When The Boys was announced as a live action TV series fans who have read the book’s first instinct was to ask if they would be including the controversial miniseries Herogasm in one of the seasons. Now it looks like the show’s writer Eric Kripke has taken the challenge of doing that as he teased on social media.

In a tweet he posted a few hours ago, he wrote:

From day one, everyone dared me to make this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERFUCKERS #TheBoys #TheBoysTV


So why all the fuss? What’s the big deal with this story arc from The Boys comic book?

Here’s the shortest way to describe Herogasm.

All of the supers fly off for a week under the guise of a big crossover event off-world but in reality they have their annual get together in an island; sponsored by Vought America. Its here that they do all sorts of fucked up stuff from sex to drugs and everything in between.

He said “Endgame”. hehe.

This is also an important segment for the ongoing story because we get to see Soldier Boy getting it on with Homelander. Soldier Boy has been cast already and its going to be played by Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles. The Boys follow the supes toCosta Rica and begin snooping around looking for more leads and additional dirt they can use against the “heroes”.

Its also this miniseries where Homelander lays down his plans of taking control from Vought America which he later backs down on when he sees Sitwell observing from afar. This was also the story arc where Black Noir gets dirty with Hughie although it was only implied and never gets mentioned moving forward.

This looks like fun and controversial.



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