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Dark Crisis: Young Justice # 1 – Superboy never found out about Robin and Wonder Girl’s Kiss

In this week’s Dark Crisis: Young Justice # 1 by Megan Fitzmarin and Laura Braga, we revisit an old thread from Teen Titans that was never resolved even years later – the passionate kiss between Tim Drake and Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl in the pages of Teen Titans.

This issue connects to a number of moments from Dark Crisis # 1 which happened after the death of the Justice League and the subsequent vigil that Jonathan Kent aka Superboy led to celebrate the fallen heroes and within the gathered crowd are the former sidekicks/ partners of the fallen heroes namely Con-El / Conner Kent / Superboy, Tim Drake/ Robin and Bart Allen / Impulse.

The story’s POV and narration is done by Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl and she’s thinking of a lot of things about their lives as superheroes as well as their shared lives including the times her friends died to save the world ie Superboy’s death during Infinite Crisis as well as Bart’s stopping Superboy Prime.

These memories also trigger her brief romance with Tim Drake way before he came out as bisexual.

This happened in Teen Titans # 37 where Cassie discovers Tim’s secret cloning facility under Titans Tower where he has been trying to clone Conner Kent back to life after his death saving the multiverse.

In that issue, the pair kiss in a creepy place, the cloning facility that Robin built to bring back his bestfriend.

And even after all this time, with Conner Kent coming back to life, disappearing into the multiverse, becoming a “father” and rejoining Young Justice and returning back… Cassie’s never told Conner about that.

This could be something that could bite her soon or maybe future writers on the Young Justice book would just sweep this under the rug once more only to be dangled later.

Anyway, yeah, Superboy still doesn’t know this happened.

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