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First Look: The Boys action figures from NECA featuring Homelander and Starlight

NECA has released preview images for their upcoming The Boys action figures based on the hit Amazon series starring Karl Urban as Billy Butcher. For this set we have our first look at The Homelander and Starlight, both members of the dreaded superteam, The Seven.

First off we have The Homelander

The Homelander is played by Anthony Starr and is the leader of the superteam known as The Seven, a Justice League pastiche in The Boys universe. He’s psychopathic and violent and looks down on everybody. He’s also secretly planning to seize power from Voght America as a way to get even and stop being manipulated.


Starlight is Annie January, the newest member of The Seven and a light manipulator. She’s played by Erin Moriarty on the TV show and is also the love interest of Hughie, one the members of The Boys.

No word yet on when these The Boys action figures will be released by NECA but I’m hoping its this quarter. Also hoping that the prices on these figures won’t break the bank.

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