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10 Ways to Start the New Year Right (Up to 90% on Shopee from Jan 7-15)

MANILA, JANUARY 8, 2021 – No doubt about it—2020 was challenging. Coming off the previous year, it’s not easy to start 2021 with optimism. The new year, however, provides opportunities for you to start fresh. Take it upon yourself to come up with easily doable actions that can positively impact your life this 2021. Below, we’ve got 10 easy ways to kick the year off on a good note.

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  1. Dress up for work even while you’re just at home

Finding it difficult to drag yourself back to work? Use a multipurpose makeup pot to pat some bright color onto your lips and cheeks—it’s sure to perk you up for a long day of work ahead.

2. Add more recipes to your repertoire


We all love our food deliveries for their convenience and variety. But this year, go ahead and experiment with more recipes yourself. Don’t forget to protect your hands with a trusty pair of insulated gloves!

3. Remember to unwind

Treat yourself to the occasional glass of champagne after a long, stressful day. Make it feel like an extra special occasion by using elegant, lead-free crystal glasses.


4. Clean out your closet

Time to toss out those stilettos you never wear and make way for footwear you’ll actually use, such as this pair of comfy, functional wedge sandals. After all, the right pair of shoes can take you places.


5. Upgrade your homemade coffee

Can’t make it through the morning without coffee? This coffee maker features a swing-out filter basket and anti-drip technology. It also makes 6 cups, which should be more than enough to satisfy your caffeine cravings!


6. Ensure a good night’s sleep

Without enough hours of rest, you can’t function at your best. Invest in cozy beddings, such as this soft, lightweight, and warm blanket, to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.


7. Maintain good hygiene at home

Now that most of us are staying home, who isn’t guilty of occasionally ditching showers and deodorants? Start the year fresh with this face scrub and spray deodorant set for clean, oil-free skin and sweat- and odor-free underarms.


8. Reward yourself once in a while

Buy something nice for yourself every once in a while, whether for reaching a personal milestone, or even just for making it to the weekend after a string of busy days. Treat yourself to this necklace, which is made of genuine 92.5 Italy Silver and 3A Russian Zirconia stones.


9. Continue to keep your home virus-free

Keeping your home virus-free remains as important as ever. Use a disinfecting cleanser that effectively kills bacteria, but is non-corrosive and less harmful compared to bleach disinfectants.


10. Get your finances in order

Aside from creating a budget, resolve to finally organize all your financial documents this year. Start small by putting all your cards together in this fuss-free cardholder.

So there you go, 10 Ways to Start the New Year Right! Check out the Shopee New Year Blowout Sale at https://shopee.ph/.

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