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Marvel Future Fight Continues to Tease 90’s X-Men with Beast and Rogue

After teasing us with Cyclops and Storm for Future Fight, we now have a second batch of teasers for Marvel Future Fight featuring two more X-Men from the Blue Squad.

The two X-Men from the Blue team featured in the teasers are Rogue and Beast.

While Netmarble has been mum on the release date for the new update, they’ve definitely struck a good chord here. I haven’t seen a single negative comment about the addition of the X-Men in Future Fight.  Hell we don’t even know what class these two are. I’m betting though that Rogue would fit nicely in the combat class. I guess maybe even Hank McCoy too.

I’m just happy that the X-Men are definitely getting back into the Marvel fold, and just months after the addition of the Inhumans like Maximus the Mad, Moon Girl, Crystal, Karnak and Gorgon.


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