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My Hero Academia One’s Justice North American Release to Feature Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya DLC

While Japan is already enjoying the new game My Hero One’s Justice or My Hero Academia One’s Justice, North American fans of the series and the game need to wait a bit longer but with something nice to look forward to in the form of the Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya DLC!

Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya is a free add-on character. Unlike the base Izuku Midoriya, this version of the character fights using his legs. Players will be able to purchase new missions for Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya once they have him as a playable character.

Check out the gorgeous screenshots below:

The NA release of My Hero Academia One’s Justice won’t just be all about Shoot Style Izuku Midoriya. It will also feature the Endeavor DLC and a new Arcade mode.

Arcade Mode is a ladder-style tournament where players compete against several CPU opponents. Completing Arcade Mode with different characters will unlock an exclusive item.

My Hero Academia One’s Justice will be available for the North America/ English market starting October 26 and will be playable on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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