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Hideo Kojima teases new project featuring Elle Fanning; could this be Death Stranding 2?

Legendary Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has recently teased movement for his next game and he does it by showing off the game’s possible star, Elle Fanning.

While we like to speculate about stuff like this, the actual Twitter post was this:

A possible collaboration or a confirmed collaboration; nothing more nothing less.

But this is how Kojima teases or drops hints about his project. Plus he’s also a known fanboy and kino so he should be super excited to announces things like this considering he’s the developer.

Many fans believe that this collaboration could either be two things; one is Death Stranding 2 and another is another Kojima has been tagged in, a game called “Overdose“.

Death Stranding is a 2019 action game developed by Kojima Productions. It is the first game from director Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after their split from Konami in 2015. It was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 in November 2019 and by 505 Games for Windows in July 2020. A director’s cut version was released for the PlayStation 5 in September 2021, followed by a release for Windows in March 2022.

At the moment, only time will tell what project Fanning and Kojima are working on together but I really am hoping that it would be a Death Stranding sequel.

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