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Cyclops has a new way of picking mutants for the X-Men (X-Men #16)

While the X-Men are officially back in the mutant nation of Krakoa after the daring rescue at the end of Sword of X, Cyclops and Jean Grey confront the question of how they will be picking mutants for this sanctioned X-Men team.

X-Men # 16 is written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Phil Noto. Here’s the obligatory Spoiler alert

spoiler alert photo

At the end of X-Men # 16 we see Charles Xavier and Magneto doing a meeting with Cyclops and Jean Grey. The mutant leaders want Jean to return to the Quiet Council and have Scott Summers take the vacated seat of Apocalypse (who left his position to be with Genesis).

Unfortunately for Charles and Erik, the couple decline taking the vacant seats in the Quiet Council of Krakoa. The pair seems to focus mainly on building up the X-Men again.

Cyclops also assures the main council members that he will still be able to do his responsibilities as a great Captain. He does draw the line that he will be doing both as the leader of the X-Men and an enforcer for the Quiet Council. And when Xavier agrees with Cyclops’ next moves, he does ask how Summers how he plans on building the new X-Men team.

X-Men # 16 ends with this nice teaser.

it also looks like members of the Quiet Council are not allowed to join the election but does that mean that members can be elected to join the X-Men?

Let’s see.

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