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Nadine Lustre reacts to bashers on her recent hiking trip photos online

President Nadine Lustre isn’t happy with all the bashing and negative comments she got from photos of her recent hiking trip where she was spotted wearing a bikini while doing the trail.

nadine lustre bikini hiking

On her Instagram account, she posted a series of IG stories that explains what had happened and why she was spotted wearing just a bikini while on a hiking trip.

She also clarifies that she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

On her side, she states that she didn’t want to wear wet maong shorts, which was what she was originally wearing during the trip.

She’s more miffed with the fact that people would actually think that she would go on a mountain hiking on Mt. Ulap with nothing but a bikini.


There’s also a story that shows that the whole wearing a bikini was in preparation for a swim along the trail which if you think about it makes sense.

You can see what the fuss was all about HERE and HERE.

The actress was also spotted with her boyfriend James Reid who is also getting a bit of buzz thanks to memes where people, particularly guys, compare their hair length with the Kapamilya actor.

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