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What if Darkseid Held the Infinity Gauntlet

Here’s something to think about. Ever wonder what would happen if Darkseid came to possess Marvel’s Infinity Gauntlet?

And it actually did happen in the pages of Avengers/ JLA # 2 by Kurt Busiek and George Perez.

In this prestige format book, we find the Grandmaster has set up a game for the two universes while subtly setting the threatening Krona to fall before the might of the Avengers and Justice League.

To effectively do so, Grandmaster aka En Dwi Gast had ordered both superteams to locate various powerful artifacts that can power them up.

Fortunately for the absolute ruler of Apokolips and the combined Avengers and Leaguers, the Infinity Gaunlet does not work away from it’s home dimension.

Also that look on the faces of Quicksilver, Hawkeye and the Flash when they see who has the Infinity Gauntlet is also one for the books.

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