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Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse wave for 2020

Hasbro recently revealed official photos for their upcoming 2020 offering of Marvel Legends action figures and its going to revisit one of the most popular X-Men storylines of all time, the Marvel Legends Age of Apocalypse wave.

The first two figures from this wave was revealed on friday together with a new Marvel Legends Crossbones based on the comics. These two figures were AOA Sunfire and AOA Wildchild (which you can see below).

By Saturday, the whole wave was revealed. Heres the breakdown of the toys you can expect from this wave…

AOA Jean Grey

AOA Wolverine




Dark Beast

As usual, it would be a good idea to buy these figures are pre-order price or run the risk of not getting it at all. Of course you can also try to wait for these figures to hit local retail like Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us but the chances of getting them can be medium to low. We got lucky with the last few waves to be honest.

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