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WandaVision Episode 9 post credit scenes explained

Loved the ending of WandaVision but got confused with the WandaVision episode 9 post credit scene? Let’s do a WandaVision Episode 9 post credit scenes explained

wandavision episode 9

wandavision episode 9

Before we begin, SPOILER ALERT

spoiler alert photo

In the WandaVision episode 9 post-credit scene, we catch Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) sitting outside a cabin in the middle of lake area looking relaxed and hopefully getting better after what she went through during the series. The camera tracks her movements as she goes in the house and attends to the whistling of a kettle. After which, she makes some tea in the kitchen.

But the camera keeps on moving into the house and into a dark room inside the cabin where we see Wanda in her astral form, wearing the the Scarlet Witch costume she manifested earlier in the episode during her big showdown with Agnes…

We see her studying the mysterious Darkhold book which previously belonged to Agatha Harkness before Wanda beat her in Westview. She’s also doing the same thing that Doctor Strange did when he started training in the mystical arts in his own solo movie.

Suddenly, her concentration is broken and she looks up…

She hears the voice of one of her boys, Billy somewhere. She drops what she is doing, we get a red mist swiping right, probably showing us that she closed the book and went on her way.

She also twists her neck a little bit, a tell tale sign that she’s serious with whatever she’s set to do.

What does this mean?

For starters this could mean that Wanda is definitely an adept magic user. While its not clear how long the post-credit scene was from the ending of the show, it can only be inferred that it was only a short time. And yet we’re already seeing her using spells and using the same learning technique utilizing the Astral form for her education. Another proof of how skilled and gifted she is, is the fact that she did this without any support. She could have stumbled upon this by herself.

Hearing Billy’s ethereal voice also sets up whatever will happen in Doctor Strange 2. Probably Wanda’s main goal throughout that movie is to get her boys back no matter what and whatever the cost (more on that later).

wandavision episode 9

And since the Young Avengers are part of the overall agenda for Marvel for Phase 5 and beyond, you could think that they are already setting up actors to play the teenage versions of Wiccan and Speed who can be grow up together with the other cast for that next tentpole movie.

And speaking of whatever it takes, “In the Multiverse of Madness” could already be showing the villain as early as these scenes and it could be Chthon, the author of the very book that Wanda’s been studying. She could be in the possession of the dark god and its up to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange to swoop in and save reality.

Chthon could also be another way for Marvel Studios to bring back Aaron Taylor Johnson, the MCU Quicksilver, seeing that the baddie had once possessed the body of Quicksilver for awhile.

So there you go, WandaVision Episode 9 post credit scenes explained! What do you guys think?

WandaVision is still available for streaming on Disney+ and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kat Dennings, Teyonah Parris, Randall Park and Kathryn Hahn.

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