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Zyuohger Episode 28 Recaps and Highlights

Here we are doing a two part special feature for the 1999th and 2000th Super Sentai Episode which happens to be Zyuohger Episode 28 and Episode 29 featuring the majestic return of the Gokaigers, the 35th super sentai team.

It’s a slow but juicy build up to this miracle team up as most of the episode is just Captain Marvelous/ GokaiRed doing all the talking and action together with all six members of the Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger (now featuring Zyuoh The World).

Captain Marvelous

The obvious appearance of Marvelous would be the first because, holy hell, its been years since we last saw the Gokaigers in action. They need to be staples in anniversaries. They just have to.


The dashing space pirate captain of the Gokai Galleon also doesn’t look like a local pinoy actor anymore. He’s definitely looking more mature now.

That trademark smirk and snark is also back, as seen in that moment where they hand him Navi before a fight…


Zyuoh Whale and Cetas


Another red Zyuohger? And a whale at that? Oh my god. I already love this series! In a flashback we find out how Zyuland was created, what Marvelous and the Gokaigers are after and what the new addition to the arsenal of the Zyuohgers would be.


zyuoh whale cube whale

zyuoh whale

GokaiRed Trumping the Zyuohgers


In his fight again Leo, Gokaired transforms into GoaRed of GaoRanger. He also changes to GekiRed from Gekiranger when facing Amu…

zyuohger-episode-28-recap-super-sentai-episode-1999-gokaiger-guest-appearance-7 zyuohger-episode-28-recap-super-sentai-episode-1999-gokaiger-guest-appearance-8

He finally changes to Gobusters’ Red Buster when facing Micchan and Yamato.



ZyuohRed vs GokaiRed / Red Hawk


GokaiRed makes a break for it while the Zyuohgers are busy fighting the baddies. He changes into Jetman’s Red Hawk and escapes via air. Of course Yamato chases after Marvelous, resulting in one of the best Sentai aerial dogfights.


Gai and the ToQgers


So while Marvelous was busy with the Zyuohgers, GokaiSilver himself, Gai is dealing with the ToQgers with regards to using their ranger keys.

Zyuohgers vs Gokaigers


I was giddy like a kid when they slowly unveiled the rest of the Gokaigers in this episode. That slow emergence from the building with weapons drawn was just geekgasmic. Not much posturing and no explosion, these guys were ready to fight the Zyuohgers.


36th to 39th Ranger Keys


I love how Gai did his job and got the Ranger Keys from the 36th to 39th Super Sentai teams.


I marked out when they did transform into the different super sentai members.


Next week would be EPIC, but this week’s Zyuohger episode 28 was equally epic.

We’re sure that they already have the RAW out but I’ll have to wait out for a few more days for the hardsubbed episodes via Overti-me.


Quick Comments:

Its been awhile since I actually repeated a super sentai episode as much as Zyuohger episode 28. The last time I did was episode 1 of Gokaiger as well as 199 Super Sentai Goseiger vs Gokaiger

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