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Marvel Cancels 11 Titles including Avengers and Venom

Sales have been a big issue for Marvel ever since they relaunched with their “All new” tagline months ago. And now the hammer has dropped on several titles.


Most of the books listed in this first wave of casualties have sold books below 20k which, in comic book business, is still considered a lot.

Here’s a rundown of the aforementioned books:

All New All Different Avengers


Guardians of Infinity

Agents of SHIELD

Contest of Champions



Rocket Raccoon and Groot

Starbrand and Nightmask

Venom Space Knight


Subscribers of these titles will get a replacement title when they finally out these titles to rest.


Its too bad that they axed a few promising titles. Vision was really good. That whole murder mystery is something that could have kept the book going but did not.


I guess at this point in time Marvel really needs to step back from launchine new titles and retooling or developing the existing books to once again cater to its cire readers.

Also anybody notice that Nova is still alive and kicking? They really need to reshuffle that title. Or bring back Richard Rider as the one true Nova.

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