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A Voltes V Fancasting that Works featuring Alodia Gosiengfiao as Jamie Robinson

Going the rounds online for the past few days is a fan-made / fancast for a live-action Voltes V movie featuring an all Filipino cast.


So we’re trying to find who made these fan cast but even we had to do a second look at the actors and the actresses that they wanted to get if this live-action fantasy adaptation.


The Armstrong brothers look great with Richard Gutierrez as Steve Armstrong, Paulie Yllana as Big Bert Armstrong and Eat Bulaga’s Baby Baste as Little John Armstrong.

The next batch features Dennis Trillo as Mark Gordon, Alodia Gosiengfiao as Jamie Robinson and lastly Christopher DeLeon as Dr. Armstrong.


Now I’m not exactly sure when this was cast but I really feel that this was more of a Kapuso thing especially since the younger actors and actresses are contract stars for GMA-7. Gabby Eigenmann as Prince Zardos kinda doesn’t work for me. But I’m drawing a blank on who could play the Bozanian invasion forces’ leader.

Glaiza DeCastro as Sandra works for me. She’s a damn good actress and playing Prince Zardos’ jilted lover and companion will be a piece of cake for her. John Regala as Draco was an excellent choice as well.



The premiere actors in Philippine cinema also gets cast in this fan-casting with Eddie Garcia as Jamie Robinson’s dad, General Robinson. I’m not too convinced with Eddie Gutierrez as Dr. Smith but then again, they haven’t given him a good, meaty role he can sink his teeth into. Bembol Rocco as Zuhl is a disservice. No disrespect but Lou Veloso could be a good replacement.


We can tell that whoever did this fancasting had a fun time casting the villains and supporting character. Roi Vinzon as the evil Emperor Zanbajil is another great choice while Raymond Bagatsing as Dr. Hook is physically perfect.

There you have it, Voltes V the Movie Pinoy edition.

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