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Death of Doctor Strange # 3 spoilers

Here are the major Death of Doctor Strange # 3 spoilers written by Jed MacKay and art by Lee Garbett which continues to solve the death of Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen Strange.

With Doctor Strange out of commission for good, two familiar faces returned in issue 2 namely Clea Strange and a past backup version of Doctor Strange he kept away in case of emergencies such as this. Now in the present, the heroes gather in Avengers Mountain with Strange and Jane Foster working together to do an autopsy on Stephen Strange.

Meanwhile Clea holds a meeting with the Avengers. During the briefing Clea describes what the Three Mothers are and their goal of continuing feeding their child known as the Peregrine Child.

Clea explains that the Peregrine Child is actually a creature that solely feeds on magical beings that they have marked as strong. The mothers hunt down beings like Clea and Doctor Strange and feed them to the monster. Clea also tells the gathered Avengers that the only reason the mothers went to our reality was because they were drawn here by four warlords that they had intended to be their prey.

Killing Doctor Strange complicated things further because the universe cannot pick a new Sorcerer Supreme because they think Strange is still alive.

Some time later, Clea casts a spell to find the missing Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation stolen the night Strange was murdered and she gets some alone time with the flashback Strange.

Clea says that she was angry with the original Stephen Strange for casting a spell to forget about him just when they have reconciled and when she gets back her memories, she finds him dead. She kisses the backup Strange who tells them that they shouldn’t but before anything else happens, Clea’s summon returns with the information of where these two items have been taken.

Turns out that it was Baron Mordo after all who took the Eye of Agamotto and the Cloak of Levitation when Stephen Strange was murdered. So Clea, Wong and Flashback Strange attack Mordo’s castle to retrieve it.

Kaecilius tries to defend his master but ultimately gives him up. And the issue ends with Mordo cowering inside a room while still holding the two iconic accessories of Doctor Strange he stole from the latter’s corpse.

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