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More Cancelled DC Direct Batman Toys surface including Batman Who Laughs and Vampire Batman

More photos from DC Direct has surfaced featuring a bunch of upcoming toys and releases for the Batman: The Animated Series line featuring The Batman Who Laughs and more.

Vampire Batman

This Batman’s totally based on the Elseworlds Red Rain book where Batman had to become a vampire to go up against Dracula. Look at the cape on this figure and the paint…

Batman Who Laughs

I would have totally pre-ordered this. As boy. The hunched figure and the spiked mace do wonders for this figure. Makes you want to think if we could do anything to get these figures out in the market despite DC Direct officially closing their doors.


We also could have gotten an updated Batman figure which would be perfect for collectors and completists. Correct me if I’m wrong but this one of the more recent Batman costume updates from the BTAS series. 


In case you want to upgrade your Catwoman BTAS figure in your collection, you could have picked up this DC Direct Catwoman figure, but alas.

Again, as of writing this, there’s no chance that this hit the market because DC effectively closed down their direct toy line arm, DC Direct as part of their way to cut costs due to the economic downturn and the pandemic. 

I’m really sad this won’t be out especially since they have started doing other BTAS inspired figures and characters who have not yet appeared in the fan-favorite series.

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