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The Ultraviolet Corps First Appearance in Justice League # 2

In last week’s Justice League # 2, we find a new and mysterious corps make its first appearance in a surprising manner. Spoilers from Justice League # 2 by Scott Snyder and Jorge Jimenez.

In this issue, we check back on Green Lantern John Stewart as he flies off with a recent Corps enemy to Oa. Along the way, the prisoner tries to intimidate Stewart much like how things happened to Green Lantern Abin Sur.

Also John gets a transmission from Batman who wants him back on Earth as an active member of the reformed Justice League. And because they are have problems with the “Totality”.

Later on in Justice League # 2 we get to know more about Lex Luthor’s plans even already telling his allies in this new Legion of Doom that they are looking for a new source of energy to help them along their way. Sinestro is revealed to be in space collecting whatever it is they need.

Back to John Stewart, he’s done dealing with Green Lantern Corps tasks and was on his way to Eart to rejoin the Justice League when he gets ambushed by Sinestro.

The next thing we see Green Lantern John Stewart was during a critical moment for the Justice League (they were monitoring Superman and his team as they try to reach the Totality). John appears to have been turned into a member of the new Ultraviolet corps but still maintaining his appearance as a Green Lantern.

I like the logo for the Ultraviolet Corps, seems bad ass. There’s also the central emotion for this new corps which is self-loathing or hatred towards one’s self.

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