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Thor # 7 Spoilers – Meet Adam Aziz, the New Thor from Broxton

The current volume of Thor written by Donny Cates is a fun ride, as fun as Venom and previously Venom and for this wild ride, we get to meet a new Thor named Adam Aziz.

Spoiler Alert

spoiler alert photo

So in this issue, Thor throws his enchanted hammer Mjolnir back to Earth, specifically to Broxton, Oklahoma.

It ends up in the property of a man named Adam Aziz who promptly calls Thor’s Avengers teammate Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Hours later, the armored Avenger shows up looking for Aziz…

And he manages to contact Stark by writing his personal number on Mjolnir, which Aziz later used to call Stark.

And if you call the number in the book, you’ll actually hear a voice message left by what sounds like Robert Downey Jr. saying that this number used to be the personal number of Tony Stark before Thor gave it away.

Later, as Aziz and Iron Man gather more information about why Mjolnir is back in Broxton and not in Asgard with Thor, a message appears before Adam which asks him to pick up the hammer.

The old man from Broxton instantly transforms into Thor.

Interesting. It was just a volume or two ago that Jason Aaron told stories about Thor and Asgard with Jane Foster wielding the hammer and calling herself Thor. And now we’re here in this situation again. Good thing Cates is a good writer and I also hope they don’t drag out the Adam Aziz Thor for a long time. I really felt that Lady Thor overstayed a welcome around the end (don’t get me wrong I love the Jane Thor).

What do you guys think about the new Thor, Adam Aziz? Leave a comment below and follow me on Twitter at @thefanboyseo!

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  1. Lucas says:

    you know, when I saw this cover that shows Thor casually eating a big sandwich, while Aziz battles something that could be either a troll or the Hulk from Old Man Logan, “raindrops keep falling on my head” started playing in my mind, as it somehow reminded me of that scene in Spider Man 2, where Peter Parker gets deported and lives a kinda normal life.

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