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X-Force # 12 Spoilers

Some X-Force # 12 spoilers for today as we catch up with the politics and dangers in the current Dawn of X banner for the X-Men books. The issue was written by Benjamin Percy with art by Bazaldua.

So this issue tracks back to the idea of mutants who are working against Krakoa and in this case, it happens to be Mikhail Rasputin, the brother of Colossus and Magik. In this issue, Mikhail thinks of what he could do with the unconscious Quintin Quire who went through the gate with him to Russia as they tried to take back the stolen Cerebro Sword that Magneto made after the death of Professor X in X-Force # 1.

Turns out Mikhail has other plans and is working with Xeno; he hands over the Cerebro Sword to the baddies as well as Quire, who they can harvest organs and parts from to improve their man-made creatures designed to take out mutants.

Meanwhile back in Krakoa, Beast has this wild idea to keep the mutant residents in line without resorting to becoming a fascist state and that’s through publicly shaming individuals with ties to the suspects or terrorists. In this case, Colossus and Omega Red.

And when that farce was done, Wolverine brings back Jean Grey to help get the truth from the two, both of whom have been detained.

So now we have at least three new swords as we enter X of Swords, namely Cable’s new galactic sword and the Cerebro Sword in the possession of the baddies of Xeno. So there you go, this week’s X-Force # 12 spoilers!!

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