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Lexi Lore disproves claim that she would be doing a scene with Pinoy named MecMec

Trending topic today is porn actress Lexi Lore dispproving claimss that she would be doing a scene with a Filipino guy named “Mecmec”.

So apparently there was a trending photo that popped up earlier today which reports that this guy named Mecmec would be shooting a scene with the popular adult actress.

And because its Pinoy, you can definitely bank on the raunchy comments to appear. Here’s a sample.

But those hopes of our “kababayans” to get some form of representation got dashed hours later with a tweet from the actress herself who stated that this was all fake and that she didn’t have a Facebook account to begin with.


Weird answer though because the original source of the issue was a “screenshot” of a Tweet.

Well anyway, hope this blows over quickly.

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  1. September 13, 2020

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