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Fantastic Four Empyre Fallout Spoilers – the fate of the Cotati and a classic FF character returns

Some big things are happening after the ending of Marvel’s Empyre event. Today we look at the Fantastic Four Empyre Fallout spoilers by Dan Slott and Sean Izaakse.

So in this issue, we get to see “The Unseen” once more. In case you’ve already forgotten, this was Nick Fury burdened with the gift of sight and forced to witness everything happening in the universe, a role he was stuck with after the death of Uatu The Watcher during Jason Aarons’ Original Sin event. And now he’s watching the Avengers and the Fantastic Four in the moon as they check the situation.

The Fantastic Four are reunited while bringing along Wolverine and Spider-Man. They also invite the being called The Profiteer, the person they got the two child warriors from back in issue 0 of the FF’s Empyre story.

They have the Profiteer appraise the Cotati weapons to see where it came from. The Avengers are also there because they want to find a good way of getting rid of Quoi and the rest of the surviving Cotati forces. Thor teleports them to an uncharted planet and uses his newfound power from Gaea to turn the barren planet into a lush forest.

The Profiteer reveals that the tech and weapons are ancient, far older than the elders and demands payment in the form of the Nick and Jo, the Skrull and Kree kids the FF took under their wings. Hulkling rescinds his deal with the profiteer and leaves the custody of the two kids to Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters-Grimm.

When everybody leaves, Nick Fury aka The Unseen inspects the weapons and finds out that this was from the “First Race” and then with a sudden blast, Uatu the Watcher has been revived.

I wonder how the Fantastic Four would react after finding out that Uatu has returned. Also what will happen to Nick Fury now that he’s no longer going to be the “seer” for the Universe? Dan Slott is definitely painting us with good intrigue right now.

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