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Empyre # 6 connects She-Hulk with Immortal Hulk in a big way!

The finale to Marvel’s Empyre book has been released and we take a look at a nice connection we’ve all been waiting to happen – She-Hulk crossing over to the Immortal Hulk books and this was done in the pages of Empyre # 6.

Quick recap, the Cotati gave She-Hulk a hammer that they used to turn her into a Cotati warrior and beat up members of the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. And when she does, she badly beats up The Thing but gets stopped for a bit by Mantis and Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm.

In Empyre # 6, we continue the see the damage that Jen is causing to her friends and family.  Before she kills Ben, Mantis and Sue team up and create something strong enough to hold She-Hulk for awhile.

This gives our heroes some time to try to talk some sense to her and break her out of the Cotati control. As she continues to threaten her allies, she begins to mention something about a door; not just “a door”, its THE DOOR that continues to bring back Gamma powered beings from the afterlife; a topic and theme they continue to explore in Al Ewing’s The Immortal Hulk book.

When the Cotati control is broken, Jen still mentions THE DOOR and then completely forgets about it. Dust it off to shock or probably fatigue but its definitely slipped her mind for now.


But the creative team is looking to go back to this plot thread with a one-shot book coming out called EMPYRE: IMMORTAL SHE-HULK.

Hmmm. This is a rather juicy bit of tease especially if you’re a fan of the current volume of The Hulk. Maybe we’ll be seeing a meeting between Demon Hulk and She-Hulk or even a DEMON She-Hulk in the weeks to come.

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