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Voice Actor for Spider-Man PS4 May Have Spoiled the Game’s Mystery Villain

It looks like we finally found out who the mystery villain in Spider-Man PS4 would be and its all thanks to the game’s voice actor.

In case you havent seen the E3 2018 trailer for Spider-Man PS4, you can watch it below.

In the trailer above, we see Spidey trying to foil a breakout and going through his rogues gallery who also happen to be members of the team called the Sinister Six.

The trailer featured villains like Elektro and Rhino and Mr. Negative, who was in the spotlight during the launch of Spider-Man PS4 in E3 2017.

Now Rhino’s voice actor, Chris Jai Alex may have slipped about the identity of the mystery character as Doctor Octopus during an interview with YouTuber Drift0r during the latter’s post E3 2018 interview.

So is Doctor Octopus a good choice for the leader if the Sinester Six?

Spider-Man hits stores September 7th for the Sony Playstation 4.

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