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Is there a way to unlock the Fortnite Iron Man Skin?

If you’re looking to unlock the Fortnite Iron Man Skin with the game’s current season then you’ve come to the right place!

So we have been recently covering this huge crossover between the popular Fortnite and Marvel. We posted about the leaked photos of Thor for the game, as well as confirmation thru a trailer, and now we’re going further in, with regards to skins.

For this new season of Fortnite, players can easily unlock the normal skins of several Marvel characters like Iron Man and Wolverine. Then as they continue to grow the characters, they can actually unlock their superhero costumes and use these on matches and exploration. The new map will also feature places with connections to Marvel characters like Doom’s Domain and the Sentinel Graveyard.

Epic Games did a little more for Tony Stark though as he also has Stark Industries energy rifle and a special Stark Supply Drones which players can use to deliver powerful items.

How to unlock the Fortnite Iron Man Skin?

To unlock the skin, the player needs to purchase this season’s battle pass. It sells for 950 V Bucks or about $10 USD. The player then needs to rank up their battle pass to level 93 to unlock the Tony Stark skin. Once the player unlocks the Tony Stark skin, they will need to unlock the suit-up emote at level 100. Then, the player will need to complete Tony Stark’s Awakening challenge. It will take a while to reach this high rank without purchasing the skin with V bucks, but it becomes much easier the more challenges the player completes.

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