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New Fortnite Leaks Reveal Thor and Galactus Appearance

A new season for Fortnite is once again upon us and if the leaked images are to be trusted, we could be seeing Epic Games bringing in the god of thunder himself, Thor in the coming days.

You can check out the new Fortnite leaked image below.

According to our favorite data miner, HypeX, shared on Twitter about this leaked image which features a comic book page with different references to Marvel’s god of thunder and to the current volume where Thor has become a herald of Galactus..

HypeX also revealed that a certain popular member of the X-Men could also make his way to the world of Fortnite.


Wolverine could be coming soon and if we actually have Cable, Psylocke and Domino in the world of Fortnite, what’s stopping them from having one of X-Force’s bad ass members appear.

Meanwhile there’s still the issue of Fortnite disappearing from Google and Apple which is a big issue at the moment and it looks like things are just getting messier and messier!

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