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X-Factor # 1 Review

Here’s my review for X-Factor # 1 by Leah Williams and David Baldeon.


A new X-Factor investigations team has been formed in Krakoa and they have a brand new mission – to verify and investigate mutant disappearances and deaths.

This new team is quite different from the team we all know i.e. Jamie Madrox’s team. And finally, the book has a different tone. So the mutant interplay and drama is here with new people and new situations.

While Madrox’s team usually put their drama first before their investigation. Northstar is free of that and gets thrust to the leader position. Mainstay Polaris (who is also clear of all the crazy she’s endured through the years is really there to find herself. Prodigy is also back from the dead and he’s got something to prove, or at the very least have something to do after getting brought back to life.

I’m also sensing some X-Men tropes being filled out here namely having a Grey and a Wolverine-esque character in the ranks. Salem’s his own man and he’s going all over the place fucking and flirting. Prestige is also there to cover for Jean Grey. But that’s me. I’ve got no qualms with whoever they put in a team book. For me, this was just a bonus having these two in the team.

I also enjoyed how this team is working together and at the same time showcasing their powers. Like there’s a part of the story where Eye Boy uses his powers to correctly find out the right vehicle underwater where Aurora supposedly died. Having seen this thanks to Prodigy, he has Polaris pull it out using her magnetic powers. 

Then there’s also the Krakoan “Resurrection Five“. Outside of House of X, we haven’t seen these guys in most of the X-Men books. But thanks to X-Factor, we get to see them (hopefully) more often. 

Verdict: 10/10

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