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Get up to 15% off on Hisense TVs during the 8.8 Shopee Sale

If you’re saving up your special hard-earned cash for today’s Shopee 8.8 sale then you may want to get one of these ultra-cool Hisense TV sets from the website or the app!

Here are some of the best features for the Hisense 43-inch ISDB-T TV 43E5100

One of the biggest things that people look at when they are shopping for a new TV set is the viewing angle. The bigger brands started the whole trend and these HiSense TVs are improving it further. This means you can watch your TV shows or movies at any angle and still get good visuals.

Speaking of visuals, the Hisense 43-inch ISDB-T TV 43E5100 also comes with standard HDMI resolution so no need to get tangled in so much cables because all you need is just one for everything. It also features Full HD 1920×1080 resolution to get maximum viewing pleasure whether its for a movie or series on Netflix or some great Korean drama you want to catch up on.

Thanks to the invisible Speakers that is intelligently placed it the TV’s design, you get a deeper sound output than any other TVs in the same scale in the market. Adding a bit of technology in the design, Hisense made the sound go down in terms of direction to cover more areas in the room. That’s pretty smart and it also saves you money if you plan on buying subwoofers and you feel like it might not hit your budget.

The Hisense 43-inch ISDB-T TV 43E5100 is currently available for just ₱12,550 today on Shopee! Download the Shopee app today and get incredible discounts as part of their 8.8 mega sale!

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