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Empyre # 4 Spoilers – Tony Stark is building a Fantastic Four themed Iron Man Armor

It looks like this new event book by Marvel called Empyre will be introducing readers to yet another Iron Man armor built by a defeated Tony Stark and it has ties to the Fantastic Four apparently.

So context after the cut.

After things start to fall sideways and Human Torch and Captain Marvel are sent back to Earth by a very suspicious sounding Hulkling, readers run back to Avengers Mountain where Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and Tony Stark of the Avengers are trying to find a way to beat back the Cotati plant life that is killing and attacking animal life on Earth including humans.

In between working on a tech that can do just that, we find out that Stark has also prioritized creating a new Iron Man suit that is both a way to blow off steam and could be the solution they need when dealing with the combined threat of the Cotati and the Kree-Skrull alliance attempting to burn down Earth.

The suit doesn’t look much but I’m going to bet that it would have all of the Fantastic Four’s powers much like the Super Skrull, who also revealed some new ways of using his powers as well as remind Johnny Storm that he also has the power to hypnotize targets.

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