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Cyclops and Storm Take Centerstage in X-Men # 1 preview

The first few pages of X-Men # 1 has been previewed and it gives readers a look at how awesome the two captains of the X-Men are when handling a mission. We’re talking about Storm and Cyclops.

In this story written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Leinil Yu, we see that the mutants are hard at work in protecting their newfound nation of Krakoa. In House of X, we meet the new human coalition called Orchis, who wants the mutants dead. This culminates in the suicide mission in outer space where Cyclops and the rest of his team dies all the while succeeding in taking down Mother Mold.

Now in the present, the two leaders are on a mission to take down the last Orchis base on Earth.

Whatever happens in the next page spells like something gorgeous. Pre-order your X-Men # 1 today from your favorite LCS.

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