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Jiraiya Funko Pop Revealed

Here’s a look at another addition to the Naruto line of Funko Pop Vinyls from Funko and its Jiraiya Funko Pop figure and it looks awesome.

I really don’t know what the occassion is but this Jiraiya funko pop is too precious to be a regular release. Or maybe its a Hot Topic exclusive. The official classification for this funko pop figure is “Jiraiya on Toad” and is # 73 from the Naruto wave.

Check out the other photos below.

Once in a while, Funko produces really really good figures like the Dabi Funko Pop which was an exclusive last year.

We can take any figure of Naruto’s sensei except for a Funko anime moment where we see Jiraiya battling Akatsuki’s Pain. That would break everybody’s hearts.

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