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My Hero Academia Chapter 395 – The Death of Himiko Toga

We’re back to catch up on My Hero Academia with My Hero Academia chapter 395 which also happens to be the chapter that focuses on the death of Himiko Toga

So after the destructive fight, Toga manages to return to Urahara’s side.

She was originally planning to kill Uraraka but the villain goes through this whole introspective about what made her happy and what made her alive and apparently, while looking at a bleeding and dying Uravity, she realizes that Ochaco Uraraka never rejected her when she said that she loved her; very different from how series protagonist Izuku Midoriya reacted when she professed love.

So what does she do? She takes a little of Ochaco’s blood and uses that to transform into her and sets up her blood transfusion machine…

She apparently learned that trick back when they were in a scrap and Jin Bubaigawara aka Twice duplicated her and did a transfusion to save her life after massive blood loss. And now she’s doing the same thing to Uraraka.

Uraraka isn’t capable of doing anything so she’s just watching Himiko sacrifice herself to save her and she’s crying and conscious.

In the end the villain went out like a hero while at the same time saving the life of an important character in the series, one who could potentially be the main love interest for Deku in the future. Well there you go, a quick run on My Hero Academia chapter 395 and the death of Himiko Toga.

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