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Batman Ninja Review

Here’s my quick Batman Ninja Review . The animated flick is produced by WB Animation and directed by Junpei Mizisaki.

The movie brings Batman together with Joker plus the rest of Batman’s rogues as well as the Batfamily to feudal Japan thanks to Gorilla Grodd’s screwy time machine.

So is it good?

I have mixed emotions over this movie. I was honestly hyped with the announcement of the series plus the pedigree of the creators involved.

I mean, we get the guy who did Afro Samurai working on a project that has Batman on it. It doesn’t get cooler than this.

Batman Ninja review – The Bad

The story is crazy bad. While it tries to up the ante visually, it leaves you with an empty feeling. One that lingers in you more than you want it.

It’s a clusterfuck of stuff that they just slapped together without much thinking. Like there was a moment when a main character suddenly becomes a farmer then later we find out same character reverts back to his/her old character. No explanation whatsoever.

The film also loved to showcase villains to make a scene cool but then again, it doesn’t explain how and why they got there. They don’t even bother explaining the character drive.

While it’s ambitious, it fails in terms of delivering a satisfying moment for other characters.

The writing is all over the place and it’s rather sad that this happened to what could have been a killer story.

Batman Ninja Review – The Good

There are a couple of things I loved about Batman Ninja and for this Batman Ninja Review I again want to reiterate the pedigree of the project. It’s still such a big deal for most anime and Batman fan.

I love the design they gave Batman for both in his Batman look and his “Lord Batman” iteration.

Even the Batfamily as well as the rogues get some pretty sweet visual upgrade to fit the era they’re in. Bane for example goes full sumo wrestler for a few minutes of screen time.

Batman’s tech is amazing as well having a triple changer surely makes him an adept crimefighter in Gotham. Which leads to the next point.

Prep time once again makes it’s Mark here in Ninja. But it’s subverted to an extent because it’s Joker who has an insane amount of prep time in this story.

Robin also has a cute pet monkey here. And he’s not all brooding and killer-y. I like it when Damian Wayne is written as an actual good guy. A great break from the gloomy and sanctimonious asshole we’ve all come to accept.

Finally, we have Mecha here. For that it gets plus points but it still ruins the overall narrative for me because it feels like famservice rather than an actual plotpoint.

Batman Ninja Review – Verdict


It could have been great but it flattered. Still a great piece of Batman fiction we can all sink our teeth into.

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