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The death of Power – How did Power die in Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man chapter 81 spoilers focusing on the death of Power. So how did Power die in the manga?

The death of Power occurred in Chapter 81 by the end of the control devil arc. We see Makima and Denji in Makima’s house and she has Denji in her total control even reminding him that he is now her pet dog.

Around the same time Makima asks Denji aka the Chainsaw Man to open the door to welcome in the blood fiend.

Denji opens the door and Power is outside holding a birthday cake.

Makima points her finger at Power and blows her up.

After that, Makima nonchalantly dismisses everything while Denji is shocked at what just happened.

Depending on my mood, I sometimes hate or laugh at that derpy expression on Denji’s face. Even at this point where another friend of his dies, he’s just so dumbstruck.

As for Makima, stick around as we’ll be doing a recap of what happened to her after killing Power and revealing herself to be the Control Devil.

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