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Jane Foster Goes from Thor to Valkyrie in New Series

Marvel has announced their new plans for Jane Foster after both the events of Mighty Thor and the recent War of the Realms.

So ok here’s the rundown. Jane Foster became the female Thor and had a few volumes of adventures as the holder of Mjolnir before ultimately killing off Mjolnir to kill the Mangog who has come to kill the Asgardians led by Odin.

In War of the Realms # 2, Jane touches base with Brunhilde aka Valkyrie before the later’s death at the hands of Malekith.

Now it seems like Jason Aaron and Al Ewing are teaming up to tell the next chapter of Jane Foster’s life after Thor and after cancer. She becomes the new Valkyrie. Check out the design for Valkyrie Jane Foster and the cover for issue 1 below.

The two writers (Jason Aaron and Al Ewing) will be dropping the scripts while artist Cafu does the interior for the series which also gives the former bearer of Mjolnir a new weapon. This weapon is called “NDRJARN THE ALL-WEAPON”, a weapon forged from the Realm-War (something that may be revealed in upcoming episodes of War of the Realms) and it can be turned into any weapon including wings…

Didn’t we see that somewhere before???

Its also revealed that the Brunhilde isn’t entirely dead, as she will be making appearances throughout the new Valkyrie book acting as a consultant for Jane Foster as she takes over the mantle.

Written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing, with art by Cafu and a cover by Mahmud Asrar and Matthew Wilson, Valkyrie #1 goes on sale in July from Marvel Comics.

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