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McFarlane Toys Beast Boy Wave brings in our favorite Titans from Nightwing to Raven

McFarlane Toys recently completed their tease for the McFarlane Toys Beast Boy wave closing the wave with a look at Beast Boy after several days of dropping the other characters in this wave.

Check out the members of the Titans team that will be getting the action figure treatment in the next few months.


Arsenal / Roy Harper

Donna Troy / Wonder Girl


Beast Boy

This is also exciting because we badly need more female action figures for the McFarlane Toys / DC Multiverse. And i just want to echo what other toy collectors are clamoring for; a Starfire figure which would complement the Dick Grayson figure/ Nightwing. Also hope this opens the door for more Titans/ Teen Titans stuff especially after they will be taking over for a bit as the Justice League for the world after the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths.

What do you think of the figures for the Beast Boy wave? Cop or drop? Leave a comment below and follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more DC Comics news and updates!

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