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Closer Look at Yahya Abdul Mateen as Doctor Manhattan

If you’re not watching The Watchmen series on HBO then you are missing a lot of good stuff including the official return of Doctor Mahattan in the story.

Before we look at the guy who played Black Manta in Warner Bros Pictures’ Aquaman, a little bit of context from the series produced and developed by Damon Lindelof of Lost.

So after he left Earth for a self-imposed exile on Mars, it’s been revealed by Lady Trieu to Angela Abraham that Manhattan has been on Earth for awhile now and she actually knows who this was.

Angela rushes back home to her husband Cal Abraham who was being attacked around the same time. After the battle, an unconscious Cal is then shown offscreen glowing blue. Cal is Doctor Manhattan.

Now to check Mateen in his Manhattan makeup…

Doctor Manhattan in HBO’s Watchmen

This helps remove the shock of Mateen’s appearance in the Netflix series Black Mirror for the episode Striking Vipers.

In Zack Snyder’s movie of the same title, Manhattan was played by Billy Crudup.

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