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5 Thoughts on House of X and Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman

In case you missed it, Jonathan Hickman returns to Marvel this July with two new X-books under his name, namely House of X and Powers of X. Here are 5 thoughts on House of X and Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman!

Here we go!

  1. Will this be a retread of House of M?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved House of M. It could have been better but let’s take Brian Michael Bendis’ work as it is. It had a good run and great art done by Olivier Coipel.

2. Is it going to confuse new readers to make old readers happy?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to comics is continuity. It happened to Spider-Man and it happened to the Avengers. This was also the reason why Marvel experimented on Ultimate Marvel (which also gave us Miles Morales).

Still, the problem here is if the story becomes heavily infused with decades worth of backstory. This will throw off fans in more ways than one. Will this be the case with House of X and Powers of X?

3. How Many Versions of Each Character will be here?

I like a good story and will devour anything as long as it’s hella interesting. Years of character changes and looks can be jarring but still cool if handled by able writers like Hickman.

Judging from the art for the two books though, there will be multiple versions of characters running around.

Power of X and House of x


If you check the art done by Mark. Rooks, you can see that there’s brown and tan Wolverine and then there’s Weapon X Logan also in there. The same goes for Jean Grey, there’s one that’s wearing civilian gear and there’s the Dark Phoenix.

So will this be a thing to expect in the book?

4. Who will be the main players? 

If you check the promotional art, you’ll notice that most of the characters here are major players in the world of the X-Men. Cyclops, Magneto, Mr. Sinister, Charles Xavier, Apocalypse. Everybody who was everybody is here. So will one of these characters actually appear? Who will be in each team or plot?

5. How will this affect Uncanny X-Men?

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the current Uncanny X-Men. The writing goes from OK to really good and the dynamics between characters are also interesting. So how will these books affect the flagship book?

Bonus question: where are Legion and X-Man?

Looks like something happens by the end of Age of X-Man that makes them disappear. Will they die?

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