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DeWanda Wise Joins Brie Larson in Captain Marvel in Non-Specified Role

Another actress joins the already growing cast of Marvel’s Captain Marvel topbilled by Brie Larson as Captain Marvel/ Carol Danvers and its none other than DeWanda Wise.

Deadline broke the news that the She’s Gotta Have It actress will be joining Larson and other cast members like Jude Law and the unconfirmed Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One) as the villain Yon-Rogg.

The interesting bit is that her role has been announced at the moment but since it feels like a big thing, you can’t help but think that she was added in to play the role of Monica Rambeau aka Spectrum aka the first female Captain Marvel.

Monica lost the title and after years or so, Carol decides to pick up the name to honor her friend and mentor, Mar-Vell. In current comics lore though, she and Danvers are working together in their team they call “The Ultimates” working to save the universe and beyond with other characters including Blue Marvel, Miss America Chavez and at one point, Galactus.

DeWanda Wise’s casting comes hot off the heels of her appearance in She’s Gotta Have It, a Netflix original series, where she plays the role of Nola Darling. The show has received a second season which is definitely a good thing. The actress has also appeared in other projects sucha s “Shots Fired” and “Underground”. Movie-wise though, this is her first major Hollywood role.


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