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Mountain Dew Celebrates Dew Day 2019 and Shows Plan for esports involvement

Mountain Day recently celebrated Dew Day 2019 at the Market! Market! Activity Center in Taguig with a lot of fun and esports to boot.

The event featured various activities that the whole family can enjoy including:

AR Wall Climbing

Tekken 7 (via Play Book)

And of course everybody’s favorite Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

There were various activities throughout the day including a celebrity show match…

There was also a show match between Team Ashley and Team Ako si Dogie.

And it won’t be a decent Mobile Legends Bang Bang show match without shoutcasters.

After the show match between Dogie and Ashley, the organisers gave them the necessary stage time to showcase their win.

They also gave short time to make the big announcement for Mountain Dew which shows how deeply invested they were to joining the esports industry. That’s when Coach Chot Reyes came up to the stage to announce that Mountain Dew is now the official partner for the SEA Games esports competition.

Last stop for the event was the concert they held featuring James Reid, Nadine Lustre and more.

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