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WWE’s Bianca Belair shows off amazing physique for bodybuilding competition

Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair posted some photos for her amazing physique in line with a bodybuilding competition she recently joined.

In her Twitter post she writes:

For the past 10 weeks, in between my schedule, I have been training for the WBFF Pro Atlantic City Pro Am.
This weekend all of that hard work got to play out on stage!

Check out some of the bikini photos of Bianca Belair as she competes for the WBFF Pro Atlantic City Pro Am.

And she’s definitely looking like a clear cut winner, much like how she and her team won in Survivor Series War Games 2022 a week or so ago.

Belair was a former track star who had her pro-wrestling debut in WWE’s developmental territory known as NXT where she competed for the NXT Women’s Championship various times. She was first “called up” and joined the SmackDown brand where she won the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble match. At Wrestlemania 37, she had a match with Sasha Banks who she defeated thereby becoming the Smackdown Women’s Champion. When she moved to RAW, she got a shot at the title which culminated with a match against Becky Lynch in Wrestlemania 38.

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