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Namor Creates his own Avengers – Avengers # 9

This week’s Avengers, Avengers # 9 by Jason Aaron and David Marquez reveals that Namor creates his own Avengers/ Defenders team as he begins his war against the surface dwellers.

So this week’s issue revealed that Namor is pissed for a number of things. He’s pissed that the surface wasn’t there to help during the Final Hosts who in the previous story arc, killed and dropped other Celestials all over the world including Atlantis, which sank it further more.

This and several ROXXON people murdered a few Atlanteans in Avengers # 8.

So in Avengers # 9, he interrupts a fight between Tiger Shark and former Avenger Stingray. He makes a point by brutally beating Stingray and ending the fight by siccing his sharks on the B-lister.

The issue goes back and forth and we even see the King of the Sea dealing with the current Avengers who try to seek an audience with the king but not before seeing a knock-out fight with most of the team members.

Because of all the death and destruction, he wants to seek revenge but he’s already given up his ROXXON prisoners. So by the end of the issue, we see that he has formed his own team.

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