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X-Men Animated Mr.Sinister Marvel Legends Figure revealed by Hasbro

Hasbro has announced another figure for their much-talked about Marvel Legends X-Men Animated line in the form of the X-Men Animated Mr.Sinister Marvel Legends Figure!

So they originally announced two figures for the X-Men Animated Series Marvel Legends wave namely Wolverine and Jubilee and now they added Mr. Sinister here which also features cel-shaded deco and a new packaging which is really worth the admission here. It’s also a good figure to get if you didn’t get the original Mr Sinister release because that can be hard to come by these days. The figure looks really good too.

But its the VHS tape style packaging that gets me.

Check out more photos for the Mr Sinister Marvel Legends figure below:

The figure is currently on pre-order status and is priced at $26.99 with a release date of May or June 2022.

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  1. November 13, 2021

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