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Powers of X # 2 Spoilers – The Phalanx Returns

In this week’s Powers of X # 2, we find another classic and underrated enemies of the X-Men making an appearance in the last few pages of the latest issue of Powers of X written by Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva.

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There’s a mysterious segment from the last two Powers of X books that still eludes readers and that’s the X3  timeline where we see that the world has survived the war between Mutants and Mankind but its not quite the same. In Powers of X # 2 by Jonathan Hickman and RB Silva, we see that these beings have an agenda on their hand and its something thats not yet elaborated on in the main narrative.

We do know, thanks to issue 2, that these beings are interested in something called Ascencion. And they are willing to summon the Phalanx of the future to do just that.

So what happened in the two pages above is that these beings made a way to summon the beings known as the Phalanx. At this point in the story, its not known what their goal is but they certainly have an angle they are playing.

They make first contact and as quickly as that, the Phalanx gives these beings a reminder – they ate their worldmind.

So who are the Phalanx?

Although, just to be clear, the creatures in the animated series is actually called the “Technarch”. Its fairly easy to confuse the two and at one point, many readers easily interchange the two terms. But just to be clear, before Powers of X # 2, it was established that the Phalanx are creatures that are “offshoot” of the Techarchy (Warlock of the New Mutants’ people). Things have been changed so far and better defined.

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